Uniforms: Concept to Reality

Puccini Group’s services and capabilities span across many offerings, one in particular, is uniform development. Uniforms play an indirect supporting element to a brand and to a guests overall experience. A brand identity illustrates a concept which is formed from inspirations constructed by our Concepts Studio. So, what is our development process? The three key stages during development – concept and ideation, revise and refinement, and final approval.

Concept & Ideation

In this step of the process, it’s all about creating a visual idea of what uniforms will look like aesthetically based on the concept at large. In this stage of the uniform development, we dream big, we pull inspiration from the interior design, brand identity, and more. This is a crucial step as the Concept Studio collaboratively works with the Marketing + Branding Studio to create a mood board that conveys this visual idea. From here we take our string of inspired ideas to our stakeholders as a presentation and to receive feedback.

Columbus Tap Uniform Concept_ Watermark

Conceptual Mood Board for Columbus Tap, Fairmont Chicago

Revise & Refine

The ‘revise and refine’ step of the process is where we present the visual concept and engage with our clients. With the received feedback the Branding + Marketing Studio builds upon the presentation by exploring aspects such as new colors, obtaining samples, and analyzing pricing based on budget.
Pictured below is an example of a uniform iteration during Columbus Tap’s uniform development. The original idea of having witty phrases on the back of the server and busser shirts changed during the process. We moved into the direction of incorporating a more interactive social media component that better suited the brand ethos of a fun and casual gastropub.

Columbus Tap That #ColumbusTap

Uniform Revisions for Columbus Tap, Fairmont Chicago

Final Approval

Upon final approval, the Marketing + Branding Studio hands off the final uniform design to the Operations Studio to then source vendors and pricing.

We begin sourcing position-specific recommendations that are concept appropriate and versatile. While taking into account usability, durability, restock options, and brand guidelines. Finally, we create a vendor spreadsheet providing a package that outlines the specifications of each uniform along with a style guide.

Tratto Visual Guide

Visual Style Guide for Tratto, Marker Hotel San Francisco