Cha Bei

In the heart of a Macau resort destination lies a 5,500-square-foot open space where shopping and dining unite. A 56-seat cafe, floral shop, tea lounge, and bar — even a kitchen designed for hosting cooking and baking classes — are all wrapped into one, offering passersby a place to grab some noodles with tofu, a quick spot of tea, a sandwich, or a new pair of sunglasses. From the main shopping corridor, the tea culture-inspired cafe has grand visibility and myriad options. The entryway gives way to tasteful display cases filled with custom cakes and ice cream, while a retail area offers a curated mix of books, teas, treats, accessories, and floral arrangements. A variety of seating options caters to any dining need: a quick bit from the cafe, a sit-down experience in the main room, or a cup of tea while sitting in the lounge. The design of the newest space to debut along the promenade shops is whimsical with complementing elements that add dimension. A pastel color palette with peaches, greens, and blues takes charge, vintage teaware brings home the theme of the space, and large graphics add a playful and stylish touch. Custom banquettes, dining chairs with pops of color, “tulip” chairs and blush-colored sofas comprise the seating areas, which are enveloped in a contemporary and luxurious lighting scheme. The walls are showstoppers: mint-like green tiles cover one wall where delectable desserts are sold, vertical paneling adds a sophisticated look, and large graphics, like three-dimensional flora, project from the surface in the floral shop. Designed to bring people together in an airy and high-spirited setting, the concept is as comforting and light as the cuisine served.

5,500 sq ft | 56 seats

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