Partner + Managing Director Amy Jakubowski highlights key industry conferences and shares her takeaways from this year’s ALIS conference…

We have conferences on our minds. As sponsors of and as a speaker at the inaugural Global Restaurant Investment Forum (GRIF), taking place this March in Dubai, along with our upcoming attendance at Berlin’s International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF), it’s evident we see the value in conference participation.

I recently returned from the ALIS conference (the American Lodging Investment Summit), where the combination of brilliant speakers, high industry attendance (a record-breaking 2,600 industry leaders attended!) and a positive, perhaps cautiously optimistic prognosis for the future health of the global hotel investment industry made for a very thrilling and rewarding experience.

Lodging Magazine puts it best in a recent article, “Following a year of record-breaking statistics for number of rooms sold and room revenue, most conference attendees agreed that the industry is poised for another year of substantial growth.”

Here, more of my ALIS takeaways:

– It gave me the opportunity to meet and reconnect with industry leaders from across the globe to form new partnerships, friendships and plan for an exciting future.

– What made this iteration of the conference particularly meaningful was its timing, as it followed the announcement of our new hotels division. I was so pleased by the feedback, genuine excitement and support I received from industry friends.

– An all-time record of 2,600 people this year made for a wonderful opportunity to meet new people, forge new partnerships and gather a diverse assortment of industry outlooks and insight.

– The sharing of experiences, new ideas and new approaches, whether having proven successful or not, made for an unparalleled event.

– I particularly enjoyed the speech by Jack DeBoer, author of Risk Only Money, about his successes, failures and the entrepreneurial spirit that drove him over the course of his prominent career as a hotel industry leader.

Did you attend ALIS? What were your takeaways? Email me, here, or find me at GRIF or IHIF this March. As always, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter @PucciniGroup and Instagram.

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