From our Branding + Marketing Studio:
Building a strong hospitality brand goes far beyond the traditional marketing forms most commonly associated with branding such as commercials and prints ads. In fact, the real opportunity to garner market share and affinity is to complete the story of your brand across touch points neglected by the competition.  Packaging is one that rarely gets the attention it warrants. Functional, standardized packaging might do the trick operationally, but loses out on the chance to make a positive and lasting impression with guests.


Shareable Moments

If you’ve ever visited San Francisco, you may know that it’s not unheard of to wait in an absurdly long line for the coveted cruffin at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. And, what better way to document your visit than to snap a photo of the famous “I Got Baked in San Francisco” slogan printed in gold on your pastry-filled box. This clever packaging is an example of how to fuel the social marketing machine and foster brand recognition. Totally makes it worth the hour wait.


Double Duty 

Subtle, elegant incorporation of seasonal campaign initiatives and promotable events can work to change perceptions about your brand, attract new customers, and even create new revenue streams. Producing a packaging design in support of a signature event is a tactic used often for Pepsi-sponsored collaborations like Shanghai Fashion Week.


Dare to Stand Out

First and last impressions matter. In the increasingly saturated market, it’s more important than ever before to differentiate from the crowd. Whether by creating custom patterns like MAST Brothers Chocolate, or integrating the product as part of the packaging like The Greater Goods soaps, always look for a way to stand out.


Look the Part

Whether you’re a sustainability-committed restaurant or a high-end coffee shop, accurately represent who you are and what your brand stands for. If you’re an outlet that markets sustainability, plastic take-out boxes will work against your brand and damage credibility with guests. Take hints from atomic coffee, who stands for quality and craftsmanship and perfectly pack their beans in a sleek black bag, which adds a bit of luxe through metallic copper details.


Get Thrifty

It is a common misconception to think great packaging is cost prohibitive. If budget is an important factor, investing in creativity goes a long way. For example, reusable custom stamps or cheeky creative graphics like Carluccio’s Pasta, are cost-effective ways to create impactful marketing messages with very different results.


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