By Puccini Group

Here are some reads from around the web that we’re inspired by this month.

  1. Manger offers a food-driven perspective from Médoc, France.
  2. 12hrs is for globetrotters and designers alike.
  3. Caffe Propaganda because of its placemats and menu designs that look like old journals.
  4. Lancia TrendVisions is a creative outlet for all walks of life.
  5. Cargo provides a personal publishing platform that exposes talented artists across the internet.
  6. Agent Bauer is a visually stunning showcase of photographers, stylists, hair/makeup artists, illustrators, animation/filmmakers and other art.
  7. Vienna Wedekind delivers a refined approach to the design of style.
  8. DPAGES brings a new point of view to the past, present and future.

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