A few weeks ago, Studio Director Justin Colombik headed to New York City for the 30th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair. We caught up with Justin to learn more about his experience and how it inspired his work at Puccini Group.

Why did you choose to attend ICFF?
JC: ICFF is more focused on high design than most other shows. I like to attend to get my fingers on the pulse of what’s happening now so I can get a sense of the future of design. This helps our clients get beautiful, timeless products.


Why is it important to your work at Puccini Group?
JC: All of our design at Puccini Group is bespoke for the client, from top to bottom, inside and out, and ICFF helps me in being well-versed in furniture sources, as well as architectural finishes and materials—all of which is present at ICFF under the same roof.

Where there any exhibitors you were particularly excited to see?
JC: I was very excited by seeing Ferm Living and LaRose Guyon Lighting; they’re very clever—in the best possible way—with their use of materials and lines.

Did you observe any trends?
JC: There was a noticeable strain of very fun, Memphis- and retro-inspired design.

Was there anything at the show that surprised you?
JC: The show doubled in size from the last time I attended. There were also several non-traditional furniture manufacturers, which I can only assume were included because purchasing agents are including non-traditional FFE items more so now than before–like faucets, shower drains and wallcoverings. Shower drains at a furniture show?!

What will you take away that will inform your design work?
JC: Much of the innovation in lighting design was really intriguing and impressive, being both off-the-shelf as well as customizable; this is a huge asset to large boutique projects, like the ones we work on at Puccini Group.

Any closing thoughts?
JC: My hope is that ICFF will continue to focus on FFE. It’s grown a lot, and my hope is that this growth isn’t at the expense of its focus.