12 Days of Blogs: Day 3

By Puccini Group

As many of us eagerly await time spent with family and friends this holiday season, we’re daydreaming about those special dishes and drinks that make the holidays with those we love that much more memorable.

While each of us enjoys dining in unique restaurants all around the world, nothing says the holidays like home-cooked meals. Read on for the recipes we keep in our repertoire for this time of year, and be sure to check back in next week for Part Two of our holiday recipe blogs.

Kelly: Headless Horseman

It’s not a recipe, but I wanted to share this highly original cocktail I recently enjoyed at Barrel House Tavern in Sausalito, CA. The pumpkin-spiced cocktail and toasted meringue screams holidays to me!

Nick: Russian Tea Cakes

This recipe has become a family tradition that started with my grandmother’s bridge club.

Derek: Z + D Chili

My mom won a chili competition with this recipe. She’s a terrible cook and was grasping at straws after my dad entered her in the competition without consulting her. Naturally, she turned to her pantry and just started throwing things together–including what I believe was expired salsa!

Blake: Manhattan

My grandpa was known for the Manhattans he’d make during the cold, Minnesota winters. I’d like to think I’m carrying on his tradition by making these during the holiday season for my friends here in San Francisco.

Rachel: Holiday Wreaths

Having grown up in Michigan, home of Kellogg’s, these corn flake cereal wreaths were, and continue to be, a staple for my family.


What’s your favorite holiday recipe? Share with us by emailing MKTG_TEAM@puccinigroup.com.

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