Oak, stainless-steel, acrylic, wool—the range of chairs can seem limitless. But a “perfect chair” can be the finishing touch that pulls a space together, or can even serve as an impactful focal point of a room. Our designers, who frequently specify chairs for client projects from luxury properties in Southern California to historic renovations in Canada, share insight into their recommended seating for every end-use.  Applying an all-encompassing approach to their seat selections, our Design Studio keeps aesthetics, functionality, and overall design top of mind when considering the options.

  1. The Outdoor Chair – Helios Heated Love Chair

Helio Heated Chair

Designed by Aaron Jones, who sought a smarter solution to standard heat lamps, the Helios Heated Love Chair was the first of its kind. A piece of furniture that uses radiant heat, it’s ingenious, elegant, and perfectly at home in a mountain cabin or a chic beach shack. Constructed from pebble-smooth cast stone, powder-coated steel, and internal electrical components, the chair gently warms the entire body with its efficient, innovative and comfortable design.

  1. The Statement Outdoor Chair – Kenneth Cobonpue Dragnet Lounge Chair

Dragnet Chair

The Dragnet lounge chair brings a nautical vibe and a versatile, outdoor-inspired design with its intricately woven rope detail. The lounge chair’s stainless steel base is softened by a detailed acrylic fabric that surrounds the seat.

  1. The Dining Chair – Färg & Blanche’s Frankie Chair

Frankie Chair

Inspired by trouser braces, this chair’s simple design exudes a simple beauty. It’s also easily stackable, with a seat that provides a high-level comfort without sacrificing modernity—the Y-shaped back detailing creates clean lines and visual interest. Add modern elegance and an exciting graphic expression (that isn’t over-the-top) to your dining room.

  1. The Statement Dining Chair – Ginger Chair by Roberto Lazzeroni

Ginger Chair

Comfortable and refined, Ginger’s frame is made from a high density, low thickness molded polyurethane and covered by a single layer of saddle leather. Attractive and focused usage of color and materials highlight the workmanship of this refined chair.

  1. The Lounge Chair – Milo Chair by Lawson Fenning

Milo Chair

Everyone needs a perfect lounge chair—one that hinges between the lines of luxury and comfort. The Milo chair has rectilinear bones, a touch of masculinity with pinstriped upholstery, and subtle embellishment from a gold frame that lends a feminine touch. It’s a grown-up chair with style and class.

  1. The Chaise Lounge Chair – Promemoria Aziza Chaise Lounge Chair

Aziza Lounge Chair

Nothing says “relaxed luxury” better than a chaise lounge. Made in Italy by Promemoria, this chaise has a uniquely sophisticated level of quality and design that revives and modernizes antique characteristics. Hand-made by highly trained craftsmen, Promemoria delivers the finest quality while blending artistry and functionality. These chairs are built to last for generations.

  1. The Practical Office Chair – Prouve Standard Chair

Prouve Standard Chair

A no-frills desk chair that’s reminiscent of a vintage classroom chair. The Prouve standard chair is a revamped classic that comes in various color combinations that will fit any setting. This chair, with its utilitarian and visually arresting combination of steel and wood, reflects the designer’s engineering pedigree and intense focus on materials, connections, and production. Substantial, straight-back legs support the occupant’s weight, and tubular front legs provide a delicate balance.

  1. The Statement Office Chair – Antler Chair by Vilhelm Wohlert

Antler Chair

A unique mid-century piece by Danish designer Vilhelm Wohlert, who celebrates a less-is-more ethos in his turn of the century designs. If you’re looking to elevate your workspace, this is the chair to do it.

  1. The Statement Chair – Hideout Chair by Front

Hideout Chair

A renewal of a sophisticated design by Front, the Swedish design trio. Combining comfort and sophistication, this chair features stylistic details such as a square steam-bent beech structure and woven cane panels. The name encapsulates the unique, intimate nature of the chair’s sleek profile and is sure to be a conversation starter.