Direct from the Marketing + Branding Studio:

Today’s most successful brands employ marketing tactics that span a multitude of touch points that we interact with daily. As brand-obsessed marketers and brand identity gurus, we’re constantly keeping our eyes peeled for best-in-class, innovative ideas that inform our approach to client projects. We’d like to share the ideas, places, and trends that have recently grabbed our attention—and inspired our own work.

1. What: Murals


Why We Love It: It’s certainly not a new form of art  but it’s an aesthetically pleasing ode to the fact advertising doesn’t have to be obnoxious. The best murals make a public art statement within a given community while simultaneously achieving a purpose.


2. What: 3 Arts Club

3 Arts Club

Why We Love it: Located in Chicago, IL, this collaborative production between Restoration Hardware and Hog Salt Hospitality is engagement marketing play at its best. A hospitality experience is baked into what is ultimately a Marketing + PR initiative for Restoration Hardware. The point of difference at 3 Arts is that RH invested in creating a great hospitality experience, rather than pushing the space as an advertising or marketing platform. As a result, it garnered plenty of buzz organically.

3. What: Article from PSFK on garnering return guests.

Garnering Guests_3

Why We Love It: Experiential F&B is most successful because it also functions as a marketing and PR vehicle. The key is to draw guests back to the space once they have “experienced the experience.” This PSFK article explores methods we plan to add to our toolkits to ensure sustainable popularity for our clients.

4. What: Oreo doing Oreo-fun things.


Why We Love It: Oreo stays on top of its social media marketing game and maintains relevance through marketing anomalies. Their latest disruptive marketing tool is an attention-grabbing effort to keeping the recognizable brand fresh and exciting.

5. What: Squarespace “You Should” Campaign


Why We Love It: The Squarespace “You Should” campaign showcases the talent and passion that fuels various creative professionals, activating awareness for the Squarespace product across verticals including digital, TV and print. The result: a winning combination of showcasing art and advertising.


6. What: Typotheque

font combinator

Why We Love It: This type foundry’s “font combinator” allows you to test the visual language of different types living next to one another. It’s a great tool for discovering fresh fonts and also for visual learners keen on experimenting with typeface (for work or for fun).

7. What:
Ben Smith’s Tumblr

Ben Smith_7

Why We Love It: London based graphic designer, Ben Smith, shares his design inspirations that span digital, print, branding…you name it. A great space to browse when seeking design inspiration and new perspectives.

8. What: Print.PM


Why We Love It: Acting like a database of various printed materials including books, brochures, magazines, posters, and more, scrolling through Print.PM is bound to lead to inspiration. In a digitally saturated landscape filled with countless design layouts and color combinations, it’s beneficial to reference existing collateral.

9. What: Lux* Magazine for Lux* Resorts & Hotels


Why We Love It: Lux* Magazine explores the regions surrounding their high-end properties, filling its pages with compelling lifestyle articles, profiles on architects, and short stories. Something we’re increasingly seeing is curated content for the modern traveler – most notably, an insider’s glimpse into a given area and its offerings.