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What we do

From concept, to interior design, branding, marketing and operations, we execute flawless experiences.

Interior Design 

Puccini Group is famous for our ground-breaking and jaw-dropping designs. The right look will enhance the customer experience and define the brand. read more

Concept Strategy

It all starts with a brilliant idea. And brilliant ideas start with strategic thinking. Our Concept Team engages both market research and rampant creativity to capture the longterm vision of the client. read more

Restaurant Operations

Having followed a project from concept through design, Puccini Group’s Operations Studio is fully prepared to make it work. Our team of restaurant professionals knows the business inside and out. read more

Brand Identity

Brand identity is different to brand image. It is constructed by the business itself. Puccini Group works with businesses to help define their brand identity and from that help them to build a reputable brand image. read more

Marketing & PR

Puccini Group helps brands and businesses put a clear, ethical philosophy in place and assists in communicating their approach to marketing and public relations. read more

The Puccini Group Experience

Find out how all of our services come together as an integrated solution that drives success from concept to design to operations. An integrated approach insures efficiency and consistency from start to finish. read more

Our work

Our projects range from restaurants, bars, resorts, casinos, hotels, cruise ships and public spaces.